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  • graynut 11:50 pm on May 31, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    My Sudden Wishlist 

    Ever had this feeling that you suddenly wish you have something? Well, I did today. In fact, I have three things I desire out of nowhere.Well, these are the things that managed to creep into my mind and made my day miserable just because I could not have them.

    Item 1

    Great lens

    Canon EF 70-200mm f2.8L IS USM (USD1574 after rebate, as quoted from adorama.com)

    Am I asking for too much? 😀

    Item 2


    Aerogel (USD45 for one vial, as quoted from unitednuclear.com )

    Seriously, this stuff is wicked. So wicked that I can’t wait to get my hands on it, if I can that is. Click the link above to know more about this item.

    Item 3

    Seriously, by the time I finally settled down and started to write, one of them has slipped of my mind. Perhaps the desire to own them just accelerated my already irreversible memory loss. Would actually owning them turn things around? Kind souls who can give me my ‘cure’,I can be reached at wn.fong.v3@gmail.com. Haha…

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

    Note : Picture of the camera lens courtesy of agwebdesign.com
    and picture of aerogel courtesty of astro.kent.ac.uk

  • graynut 4:53 am on May 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    E. freond, prp. of freogan “to love, to favor,” from P.Gmc. *frijojanan “to love” (cf. O.N. frændi,friund, M.H.G. friunt, Ger. Freund, Goth. frijonds “friend,” all alike from prp. forms). Related to O.E. freo “free.” Meaning “A Quaker” (a member of the Society of Friends) is from 1679. Feond (“fiend,” originally “enemy”) and freond often paired in O.E., both are masculine agent nouns derived from prp. of verbs, but are not directly related to one another.


    Obviously the original context of friends is from applicable in the current society. How about a contemporary version?

    1 a: one attached to another by affection or esteem b: acquaintance
    2 a: one that is not hostile b: one that is of the same nation, party, or group
    3: one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)
    4: a favored companion
    5capitalized : a member of a Christian sect that stresses Inner Light, rejects sacraments and an ordained ministry, and opposes war —called also Quaker


    Okay, definitely easier to understand given the circumstances are what we are accustomed to.

    Friends are important. I don’t see any need to eloberate on that. They are so important that there people have a phrase just to show no man can live alone; no man is an island.


    Well, I have my friends. Unlike others with large networks, I am the type which is satisfied with a smaller group of people. I got to know most of my friends from school. So in a way, they are my schoolmates and friends. If I am to count how many friends I have that didn’t go to the same school I did, I think one hand would suffice. Not that I am proud of it, but that’s just how I am.I know a lot of people but that doesn’t mean I think of them as friends. More as acquaintance perhaps.

    In a way,I wouldn’t ask for more. Every buddy of mine is unique to me. Yet, I consider them equal, different but equal. The guys are who I usually hang out with, doing all sorts of things; camps, sports, movies, etc. The girls are somewhat different. I don’t know why, but I felt that it’s easier to share some personal matters with them than telling the guys. Probably some unspoken rule that says guys having what’s equivalent of girls’ pillow talk makes them, erm… less masculine. There are some notable friends who I had a great time with when we dwelled on our interest; mostly trashing thing that’s so ridiculous that the world is better off without.

    I really appreciate my times with them. Yet, something is bothering my mind and it may mean that I am not that appreciative of them after all. I don’t feel any attachment at all. When I was deciding where to study after high school, the thought of leaving my friends never bothered me. I was hell bent on my path. My goal was vividly visualized in my head that I did not have room for them in my head. By that time, everybody was already occupied since graduation and meeting each other regularly was hard. I guess that makes it even easier to let go.

    Until I received a sms from a friend who eloped,haha travelled few hundred miles down under on her own seeking employment. Man, that message sure knocked some senses into me and reminded me what I have taken for granted. Don’t worry, I’ll be joining you soon, though instead of dreading it, I am anticipating it so much. =)

    I would like to use this opportunity to at least show that I love hanging out with you guys. And girls. Erm, you might as well as treasure it as I don’t think I am doing this kind of stuff in the near future. Apropos, I managed to maintain my poker face when I wrote this entry. Some cold-blooded bastard I am HAHA.

    20080311-Kledang Hike

    Our hike on Kledang Hill, which was my first tryout of my cam.

    20080311-STPM Time

    Don’t be tricked by the expressions shown by everyone in this photo. It was actually a very sad day for us, at least after we got our results.

    20080314-KK Trip

    Yea, our trip to Kuala Kangsar,remember? We are not supposed to touch it,let alone sit on it. After all, it belongs to the Sultan.

    20080315-Grik Trip

    Enjoying ice-cream under the shade on an extremely hot day.


    The girls are unusually willing to pose in front of the cam this time.

    20080505-KC birthday01

    You know Ed, you are one of most best subject in photography. LOL.

    20080505-KC birthday02

    Dey, birthday boy is not smilling.



    Thanks for everything, friends.

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

    • spreadingblessings 7:08 am on May 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Friends are important. Check out my blog posting entitled: Short Legs Long Love.


    • boss's employee 12:27 pm on May 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      When you are down
      And you want to get high,
      Just take a good look
      Up in the sky.

      What you will see
      Are the stars above,
      And all you need
      Is to proclaim your love.

      Who you will find
      And see so clear,
      Are friends in mind
      You want to hold near.

      Whenever you need them
      Just look up high,
      Call their name
      And see them fly.

      Every friend you meet
      Owns a star
      And you can see them
      No matter how far.

      Whenever you are down
      And want to get high,
      Just take a good look
      Up in the sky.

      *gee~ u cant see me cos im the SUN..!! LOL~*

    • Lawrence 12:00 pm on June 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Hey.. are you wai nam btw.. btw, nice post! =)

    • graynut 6:08 pm on June 3, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      hey there. you’ve got it right. thx for the compliment.

  • graynut 2:22 am on May 28, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Unexpected Discovery 

    I was checking out links posted at Reddit as usual when I saw this.

    Ahmadinejad on Net

    Click for larger image.

    This is the page where I found it >>>CLICK HERE<<<

    Ahmadinejad on Internet checking out Russian chicks?

    I know, I know, just someone using his name but still, imagine the real deal doing that.

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

  • graynut 10:13 pm on May 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Short Update 

    This is a very short update of what I’ve been up to lately.

    24th May : Went back to school to cover annual camp. Spent the whole morning and evening snapping photographs. Was a shoot-till-I-drop kind of thing. Regrettably, less than one-tenth of my hard work was acceptable.

    25th May : Back to school again for more photographs. Same period, different itineraries. Left school in the evening and returned in the night to cover the main event of the night; BBQ! OMFGWTFBBQ!!! Scrammed back home at ten owing to deadline approaching approx. in two hours.

    26th May : Woke up after only two hours of sleep. Again, dashed to school early in the morning. Stayed well past closing ceremony of the camp to play poker with friends. Finally got home at four in the evening and has spent most of the time learning elite basic photochop photoshop hacks techniques since then.

    Side note : Learning photoshop is very taxing, but it is inevitable. Just like work and money. Work is pain in the butt so hard, but I need to get bread on the table.

    Next up : Friends

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

  • graynut 2:39 am on May 24, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    [NSFW] Killing Time on Internet 

    Disclaimer : The information contained herein is for the sole purpose of  information and education. All information published by graynut (author of graynut.wordpress.com) is not to be held accountable for errors or damages of any kind resulting from reading contents of this entry. The [NSFW] tag implies that this entry is not safe for work. Shall you be caught by your employer while reading this and  receive any form of punishment thereafter are under your own jurisdiction. Viewer discretion advised. You have been WARNED.

    I’ve been getting complaints from friends lately that they are bored. In front of a computer. With Internet connections. 😯

    So, I’ll do everyone a service by sharing some of my ways to slack off during work kill time when you feel like it. Pay these sites a visit, and I’m sure you will complaint to me that I’ve forced you into addiction.


    Read blogs. In fact, you already have a good start by coming here and reading this. Not bad for a start, eh? Well, you just have to give a little bit of effort and you can indulge yourself reading what people posted.

    My advice : pick a few good blogs and start reading. How to tell if the blogs are good? Huge amount of loyal readers and  quality contents are great pointers. Be them personal blogs or interest blogs, just try them out. Not your cup of tea? Look for more. Uncle google can help you. If you are really clueless as where to start, why not begin with those in my blogroll?

    Social News Site

    Found yourself uninformed of what’s happening lately? Social news site is the place to go. Abhorring democracy, sites like Reddit.com and Digg.com are truly by readers, to readers. Articles are contributed, upmodded and downmodded by readers. The great thing about these sites is that they serve as the melting pot of the net. There is something for everyone. What are you waiting for? Head over and start debating on topics like the Obama vs Clinton race or let those LOLcats pictures tickle your funny bones. If you feel like you have something interesting to share, you can even register yourself and start posting.


    Prefer a more responsive environment? Go to no other places than forums.  Get involved in discussion on everything under the sun. Share your thoughts because netizens believe that sharing is caring. Again, head to forums listed at this site if you do not know where to go.

    Video Sites

    Reading and typing isn’t exactly your way to kill time? How about watching videos? Sites like Youtube.com are the next next best thing after sliced bread, just right behind computer and internet. Laugh yourself silly by watching self-made videos of antics like this

    or funny banned commercials

    Online Games

    What’s more fun than playing games? There are tons of websites out there hosting gigantum thousands of free flash games. Pluspoint : learning curve is almost non-existant and you don’t have to worry about installation and registration issues. Sites like free4all.net and dailyarcade.net just to name a few.

    And to wrap up this entry, remember,

    Internet, Serious Business

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

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