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  • graynut 11:29 pm on July 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Onboard Bus 

    Venue : Onboard bus A2 (boarded in front of Yusof Ishak House, en route to Prince George’s Park Residence)
    Time : circa 2.15pm

    To the dude sitting two seats behind the driver:

    I can’t help but notice that you were sitting alone with the seat on your right empty. A logical and empathic individual will definitely shift to the seat nearest to the window so that people who have just aboard get to sit instead of standing at the aisle. But no, you decided to glue your rear end comfortably to the seat, totally oblivious to the few people standing on the aisle with no seats, me included. I, being the nearest to you, decided against cramming through between you and the seat because I was lugging few bags which were very obtrusive at that time.

    To the lady sitting on my left while I was standing at the aisle reason mentioned above:

    I am truly sorry if my begs were a bother to you. I know they were, as I saw your reaction when I made way for people alighting the bus and my begs sort of bumped into you. I have tried to immobilize myself by straining my calves and waist so as to avoid such incidents but clearly it was futile. The road was bumpy and the fact that the driver was breaking better than F1 drivers did not help, although his cornering skills were definitely worthy of praise. But then again that is another matter. Thankfully, the journey was a very short one.

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

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    Tags: backdorm boys, belle, clara, digby, marie, , ukulele,   

    Clara Belle & Ukulele 

    Over the years, youtube has been the platform for the rise to stardom of many people. Among the first few were the Backdorm Boys, a Chinese duo who lip synched Backstreet Boys’ songs and other pop songs their way to fame. Lately, there was a buzz of an upstart artiste Marie Digby who garnered much attention with her accoustic version of Rihanna’s Umbrella. She landed herself with recording deals afterwards and there is no turning back ever since.

    Back in the old days, the status of celebrity is hard to reach, a dream to many. People had to work their asses off to reach that status, not to mention extreme talents and super good looks in their arsenals. It is still the same today, but there are more routes that can b taken besides the conventional way; i.e. meeting agents, sending samples to recording companies and etc. And that way is the youtube way.

    The formula for success in youtube?

    Good looks + talents + appealing and interesting to viewers + a small dose of luck = popularity + viewership + chance to be scouted

    Here is one of those who has what it takes to make it big on youtube, Clara Belle.

    Beautiful and sweet voice. Talented and formally educated in music. Unique style influenced by the Western and Eastern cultures that she was exposed to. And she plays a ukulele! She might be the very next Marie Digby. Who knows?

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

  • graynut 9:02 pm on July 21, 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: evolution, gene pool, genetic, leucism, national geographic, nature, , white lion, wildlife   

    A Peek at the Nature 

    Nature has a peculiar way to show its power. More often than not it is shown in its destructive forms. Deadly hurricanes and catastrohpic earthquakes just to name a few. Sometimes, the fairer side is put on display. Stunning panorama, eye candy sceneries and lush greeneries often come into mind in that aspect. Then again there are just some phenomenas that are outright mind boggling and inexplicable. Freakish if you will. Combinations of the aforementioned three features are not uncommon. Beautiful, yet deadly.Weird and fatal. You get the idea.

    I read an article on National Geographic website featuring white lions today. Yes, white lions.The article can be found here.

    Majestic,beautiful, and cute but no problem whatsoever when it comes to mauling a 150kg-250kg wildebeest in group . The notion of deadliness usually do not come across the mind of most people once they come across white animals which are not so usually. No thanks to images of adorable and cuddly snow white animals conjured in our minds which have been imprinted over the years misled by many causes. There is no denying that animals with snowy white fur like rabbits and hamsters are harmless. However, there are unexceptionally high exceptions in the animal kingdom in which it’s opposite.

    To be different than others of the same species in the animal kingdom means invoking dangers. Survival is at the top of list in the animal kingdom, predators and preys alike. For a prey to stand out among its species means an easy target for predators while a predator which can be easily detected is as good in hunting as polices announcing who they are going to arrest tomorrow in the news today. In fact, these black sheep are often than not isolated by their own groups. Isolation certainly shaves off survival chances of those in the animal kingdom, more so for animals who are live in groups.

    So when I saw the article, the first thing that came up my mind is how are these cats going to survive in the wild. It turns out that they live in captivity. In fact, most of these cases happen in captivity. Reason? It’s the same reason as mentioned above. They don’t have much survival chance in the wild. In captivity, these animals are safe from so many wild elements. They don’t even do much of what their species do in the wild: hunting, roaming and etc. I wonder if they still retain their animal instincts.

    Further probing at Wikipedia for the reason for these abnormal occurences shows that genetic condition known as Leucism. Unlike mutation where genetic information is altered, leucism is a condition where recessive genes are present instead of dominant ones. A simple example is albinism. You would think that evolution would have eliminate these seemingly defective genes from the gene pool and survival of the fittest should have taken its course long ago. However, evolution is not as easy as that. If all but the fittest meet their ends, wouldn’t the process of evolution cease? That’s something to ponder upon.

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

    • erlina 10:54 pm on July 26, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      i set tat pic as my wallpaper for quite a long time ady leh.. =p

  • graynut 2:00 pm on July 19, 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: apple, aurora, , borealis, , desserts, emoticon, , godzilla, iphone, lolcat, material, northen lights, panda, pedobear, , , shoryuken, stressed, woman, wwf, zombie attack   

    Random Pictures 2 

    I got divided by zero lately, hence my lack of updates. Anyway, here are more random pictures that I found. I do not own these pictures and therefore credits belong to their owners. I have included the links to the owners of these pictures whenever possible, with lack of meaning I could not locate the source of these pictures. If you happen to know their origins, please drop me an email at wn.fong.v3@gmail.com.

    Aurora Borealis from the space. Also known as Northen Polar Lights or just aurorae. Source

    Urm…Great moment here. Unidentified source.

    If my memory does not fail me, this chap is said to prevent the fire engine from being frozen. Unidentified source too.

    If the words on the sign are too small, here is what it says. Unidentified source.
    1. Mass Ave Bridge Closed
    2. Sunday 04/22/07 6am-3pm
    3. To Appease Godzilla

    Zombie attack! Be afraid. Be very afraid. Unidentified source.

    Shoryuken Cat. KO-ed by his awesomeness! Source

    LOLCAT + Emoticon = Win! Unidentified source.

    The phenomenon is not exclusive to Apple products though. Source

    I say, fire away USS Lincoln. Unidentified source.

    It’s no longer flies that go into your mouth if you yawn with your mouth wide open. Unidentified source.

    I faces the risk of invoking wraths of the fairer sex by posting this one. Heh. Unidentified source. Definitely not from the periodic table.

    Beats me why his genitals are in surgical spirits. Unidentified source.

    Somehow I believe the mistakes made have successfully magnified the protestors’ message. Unknown source.

    …especially when stress is handed to you like desserts, if you catch what I mean. Unknown source.

    The WTF panda. Unidentified source. Definitely not WWF.

    This may come from WWF, the wrestling body. Again, unidentified source.

    Okay, this is creepy. First we have pedobear. Now it’s pedopanda. Or is it pedobear in disguise? Beats me. Unidentified source.

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

  • graynut 6:19 pm on July 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: advent children, cloud, darth vader, dub, final fantasy, , sepiroth   

    Funny Final Fantasy Dub 

    Taking a break from posting headache inducing articles. Enjoy this great skit which I foraged from youtube.com

    Stay tuned. Adieu, graynut signing off.

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